Cuban musician singer composer also producer and one of the most remarkable leading voices of his generation. Co-founder and member of Habana Abierta, group of musicians created in Madrid in 1996 .

Both solo and with Habana Abierta, Vanito Brown has performed in a  long  important list of scenarios through Cuba Europe and USA.

In his songs a wide range of influences and issues are able to live together in a singular organic Cuban fusion of Pop Rock and Trova. What has been called RockaSon or Timba Rock.


The Vanito’s earliest professional experience as front man in Lucha Almada rock band  in 1994 and it’s album “Vendiéndolo Todo”, -Bis Music 1995-, scored the opening of cuban music market to the sounds of the new generational projection he belongs to. This was soon and clearly visible in Habana Abierta since 1996, whose music transcends ages into Cuba and all over the world being widely emulated by most of the subsequent rock pop formations  in Cuba and also South America.

VANITO BROWN & KELVIS OCHOA - "Bolero Inaudito"  Feat Nestor del Prado Trio - Vanito Brown©2016 -

VANITO BROWN - "Norte Sur Este y Aquel"

Bis Music© - 2015 


HabanAbierta Records©- 2011 -

HABANA ABIERTA -  "Boomerang"

EMI Latin / Calle 54©- 2005 -

HABANA ABIERTA - " 24 horas "

BMG Ariola©- 1999 -

HABANA ABIERTA -  "Habana Abierta"

BMG Ariola© - 1997 -

LUCHA ALMADA - "Vendiéndolo Todo"

Bis Music© - 1995 -




Voz Principal y Guitarras: Vanito Brown

Bajo: Gastón Joya Jr.

Batería: Rodney Barreto

Percusiónes: Yaroldi Abreu

Piano/Teclados: Tony Rodriguez

Guitarras/Tres/Banjo: Roberto Rodríguez

Trompeta: Julio Padrón

Saxo: Carlos Miyares

Trombón: Juan Carlos Marín

Violín: William Roblejo

Viola: Anolán González

Cello: Suaima Ramos

Participación Vocal: David Torrens

Voces y Coros: Rita Donte y René Baños

Arreglos de Vientos Metales en Chévere: Carlos Puig y Vanito Brown

Grabador: Pablo Rodríguez

Mezclas: Maykel Bárzagas Jr.

Masterización: Maykel Bárzagas Sr.

Producción Musical, Arreglos y Programaciones: Vanito Brown

Producción Ejecutiva: Mayra

Arte Gráfico y Asistencia de Producción General: Arrate Cuartango

Fotografía: Pepe Varela

Producción General: Bis Music


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